Powerful Presentations

how to sell, market, inform, entertain, or educate a crowd
(and look good doing it)

Derek Carter aka "goozbach"

Goozbach Infrastructure Solutions

Keep it Short

A good speech should be like a woman's skirt; long enough to cover the
subject and short enough to create interest. 

– Winston Churchill

Use your presentation software to the fullest

Blank your screen

Choose your slide

Let’s Talk Content

Good slides use:

  • Little or no text
  • Photos NOT clipart
    • Be aware of copyright
    • Search for Creative Commons licenced media
      • Google Images advanced search
      • Flickr advanced search
  • Diagrams with thick lines
  • Color
  • Emotion
  • Good Slides aren't read to the audience
    • Line
    • By
    • Line

███ Method

Monta Method

Have a Product

Tips and Tricks

Guy in the second row


Thank You!

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